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Till the End of the Line. Captain America fan comic. Download here.

Many thanks to Petite-Madame for the art beta :)

It’s online at last! ♥ Look at this guys! It’s brilliant! BeccJ spent a lot of time on this comic and it was worth it! “Awesome” doesn’t cover it!

Please don’t thank me! To tell the truth, I didn’t do anything apart from fan girling, whining about shadows (I swear I’m not sponsored by Shadows & Highlights Magazine) and drawing silly characters on your own comic which is not what a good beta should do! Anyway, CONGRATS on this wonderful comic that will give your followers a lot of Stucky feels. ♥


Two times that Rhodey hands Tony something and nobody tries to analyze the meanings of or even remember, for that matter.


Tony only ever accepts something handed to him from Rhodey and Pepper. and Obie…and we all know how well that ended…

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PTSD: The Soldier’s Diaries
Bucky Barnes and his dog |Day start

…it made me smile…


PTSD: The Soldier’s Diaries

Bucky Barnes and his dog |Day start

…it made me smile…

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#TELL ME HOW THE ARM WORKS #was thinking about this the other day; like so if the arm is actually made out of vibranium hence it being able to catch the shield #its lighter than steel but it still needs to have all those wires and equipping within it so it has to be heavier than a human arm #does that mean that they replaced his collarbone or breastbone or upper torso or whatever with some kind of metal alloy within the bones?? #HOW DID THEY LINK UP THE NERVE SYSTEM IS WHAT IM TRYING TO SAY #ALSO HOW DO YOU STOP THAT ARM FROM PULLING OUT HIS INNARDS #tell me how the arm works captain america 3 give me bad pseudo science talk dirty to me 

How MBTI Types Approach Rules


ENTJ: I make the rules.
ESTJ: I’ve written down the rules and made copies for everyone.
ESFJ: I’ve bent over backwards to fulfill all the rules.
ENFJ: Rules are great – they help us be better people.
INTJ: I’ve discovered all the inconsistencies with the rules and therefore…